Our mission: 

Gooseberry Creek Garden Center provides top quality plants for beautiful, long-lasting gardens. We work with our customers to build relationships and make shopping at GCGC a fun, meaningful experience.

Our focus:

In our now 14 years of business, customer service has become a top priority. Plain and simple, we want to take care of our customers. They come to us for the best plants and the most knowledgeable staff and we take pride in fulfilling that. At GCGC, customer service comes second only to plant care. We want to be the one place people come back to, so we try hard to build lasting relationships based on trust and service.

it's  a family affair:

Julie couldn't do this alone, and it became a family operation.  Her husband, Scott, and her mother, Kathy, are Operations Managers and are ever-present in the garden centers. You'll also see a lot of her niece, Kaylee, who joined the team in 2016 as Marketing Director and regional manager. She also has four children, a nephew , and her father, Oscar, who all help in various aspects of the business.  In addition to the family support, she has a large number of associates who return each year to enthusiastically maintain the highest quality flowers in central Indiana.

our growing partners: Brower Greenhouses, Inc.

There are many growers, but only one makes the cut when it comes to partnering with us.  We only want to partner with growers who use the best seeds and vegetative cuttings, and we have found the perfect company to do that. At Brower Greenhouses, Inc. (based in Hudsonville, MI), our product is grown slow and cold. This allows for a hardier plant for our long, tough growing seasons. Julie has continued to partner with Brower Greenhouses, Inc., the same grower who provided quality product to her predecessor, and she hasn't looked back. 

our future:

As the flower world changes, we change with it. We keep up with yearly trends, providing you with the most up-to-date knowledge on the plants we offer. We've also been growing on Facebook and Instagram, keeping you in the loop by the minute.  Julie and the entire staff are more committed than ever to elevating the guest experience and look forward to serving you and inspiring a new generation of gardeners!  Remember, YOUR BEAUTIFUL GARDEN BEGINS HERE!


We'd like to welcome this adorable gardening couple to our company. Herb and Heather will be present throughout the garden centers and social media offering helpful tips and providing our guests with important information about sales, special events and more!  


meet herb & heather

where we began:

In 2005, Julie Johnson purchased five GardenMart locations (now Gooseberry Creek Garden Center) from her former boss Mike. Since then, the business has grown, moved locations, opened and closed stores, added many, many team members and we're still going strong. Although we're no longer in Kokomo, we've now opened a store in Pendleton in addition to the original four in Lebanon, Marion, Muncie and New Castle. 

Julie and her husband Scott have put their time and passion into making this business grown and thrive.

About us