structure in the garden

A garden needs perennials to add structure, color, and interest year-after-year.  Available in a nearly infinite variety of colors, shapes, and textures, these hardy plants often multiply, filling a garden with beauty.  Most perennials bloom for two to three weeks at a specific time of the year, and their foliage remains until frost. Some perennials are grown just for their beautiful foliage alone.

Use this chart to help choose the perennials that  will work best in your garden. 

Perennial Plants

hardiness zones

It's important to choose perennials that will survive  in your Plant Hardiness Zone.  If you live in central Indiana, choose perennials rated for zones 5 or lower.  In southern Indiana perennials rated for zones 6 or less will do best. 

As we mentioned, some perennials are all about the leaves. Above you'll see the hosta with its yellow-bordered, green leaves mixed in with bright, flowering plants. One of the benefits to planting perennials is that you can experiment with the placement. If you don't like your arrangement, dig it up and move it. Perennials are very durable!